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UFO Challenge

UFO (Unfinished Fabric Objects) Challenge

Print out a copy (or three) of the UFO Challenge document. You can also download it as an Excel document or PDF document.
List the projects you have that are unfinished. Send a copy of the list to Kim Vogel, Guild President by email (
You can send a photo, a pdf or the copy of the Excel worksheet.
DEADLINE for submission is March 15, 2016.

Then start sewing! Keep track of your points.
You get to start by counting points for the tasks you've already done. If you have a quilt already cut out, log in the points. As you complete each task, count the points. When the project is done, you get 10 points for being done!

If you use the Excel document, the worksheet will total points for you. If you print out the sheets you will have to total points yourself. It's OK if you don't finish things - you get to count the points for what you finish.

Bring your finished sheets to the November guild meeting. There will be prizes awarded in many categories!


UFO Challenge Worksheet in Excel


UFO Challenge Worksheet in PDF




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